Other Patients Will Be Treated With Less Effective Methods Or, In Dire Cases, Given Pain Relief And Other Palliative Care.

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This is true. Is the number of people in ICU beds dropping? Yes, it's true that the number has slightly dropped. However, ICU capacity hasn't bounced back yet from the surge. Statewide, about 90% of intensive care unit beds are in use. It's true that the number is down from 96% a few weeks ago, but we can verify the ICU capacity has yet to rebound from the current surge. Also, while it looks like we've seen peaks for cases and hospitalizations, the number of deaths is still rising. So far, we've lost more than 21,000 people to the virus since the pandemic began. Our worst day for COVID deaths was back in February when we were averaging around 120 each day.


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long additional reading wait times, risk of contracting Covid) or upping the reward (i.e. a high-profile election where the stakes are big) can make all the difference to a citizen who is deciding whether to go to the polls or not. "Sometimes the cost of 'oh let's walk over to the polling place in my neighbourhood' is outweighed by 'I feel good exercising my citizenship rights'," he said. In Canada, early voting has been widespread for years. During the last election, in October 2019, nearly five million Canadians voted in advanced polls. This election, Elections Canada says advanced voting was up by 20%, with preliminary figures of about 5.8 million Canadians casting their ballots. Meanwhile, mail-in ballots can be counted so long as they are received by Elections Canada by 20 September. For twenty years, Mr Lebo lived in the US while he was getting his PhD and researching US politics. Even though it's his field of study, he says that as a Canadian, he was shocked by the lengths leaders would go to to keep others from voting. image source, LightRocket via Getty Images) "I'm surprised by how brazen efforts are to make it harder for some people to vote, and how okay with that many courts are, and how that doesn't create backlash, or change anyone's mind," he said.


Crisis care standards mean that scarce resources such as ICU beds will be allotted to the patients most likely to survive. Other patients will be treated with less effective methods or, in dire cases, given pain relief and other palliative care. A hospital in Helena, Montana, was also forced to implement crisis standards of care amid a surge in COVID-19 patients. Critical care resources are at maximum capacity at St. Peter’s Health hospital, officials said Thursday. And earlier this week Providence Alaska Medical Center, Alaska’s largest hospital, also started prioritizing resources. Thursday’s move in Idaho came a week after state officials started allowing health care rationing at hospitals in northern parts of the state . “The situation is dire — we don’t have enough resources to adequately treat the patients in our hospitals, whether you are there for COVID-19 or a heart attack or because of a car accident,” Idaho Department of Welfare Director Dave Jeppesen said in statement.

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